Amazon Connect Contact Center

An easy-to-use omnichannel cloud contact center that helps provide superior customer service at a lower cost. It was originally built by Amazon to give their customers personal, dynamic, and natural experiences.

Business can leverage on the free 12 months, part of AWS Free Tier program to test this and get access to 90 minuters per month. Read more

In this project, I built a simple contact center for a business named "KeepDim". The three cores concepts are:

  1. Contact Flow: defines a customer's experience from start to finish.
    contact flow
    View contact flow.
  2. Queues:a place for customers to wait before routing to an Agent.
    customer queue
    View customer queue
  3. Routing profiles:determines what type of calls or chat an agent receives.

Agent receive call through the Contact Control Panel -CCP.

agent CCP
View agent CCP during a call.

Audio Experiences from Customer's End
  • Customer Service Queue Experience

  • Error Message

  • Technical Support Queue Experience

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